october 029

This is our son Jackson. Jack was diagnosed with autism just before he was two. Many of you know the progress Jack has made through therapy, educational, and biomedical interventions. Many of these are not covered under insurance and demand a large out of pocket cost. Many families of children with autism are strained financially to get services for their child. Project iAm is an organization that has helped Jack directly, and they want to continue to help other Northwest Ohio families and children with autism. Please consider supporting our team for the iMazing Race/Walk for autism. Better yet – register your own team or walk for a minimum donation of $20 and help raise money for this “imazing” cause! 1:150 children are diagnosed with autism. Please help us help these kids!

Amount raised by Jack Dettinger so far:  $400

Racing on behalf of Jack Dettinger:  Kasey Dettinger, Bob Dettinger, Hannah Dettinger, Carey Speer, &  Ryan Speer