Marcia Kozy(Grandmother)

I am the Grandmother of Tyler who is a 6 yr old boy with autism. When TY received his diagnosis at age 2 his doctor told us if we got Ty into 20 hours of  therapy a week he would probably be able to go to attend regular kindergarten. WE worked that challenge like a job. Education and therapy are expensive and with the help of Project iAm  Tyler earned some much appreciated  scholarship money and just recently qualified for a new i-pad for therapy. Those scholarships really helped Tyler and helped his Mom. Ty's Mom is a single parent who works full time as a nurse.She often can't volunteer for Project iAm events. Our family works as a team for Tyler. TY has benefitted so much from the help Project iAm provides, in return I volunteer at Project iAm events such as Acoustics for Autism, the Joan Jet Concert, the Skid Row concert. Other family members have donated items to the silent auctions at the events. The events are fun, exciting, easy!  Its pretty easy to "give back!"  Thanks Project iAm! -Marcia Kozy(Grandmother)