13th Annual Acoustics for Autism

Interview with Nicole Khoury about Acoustics for Autism:


A letter from the Executive Director:

January 2019

After just wrapping another amazing year, our team is overjoyed with the love, respect, and commitment our community has shown to Project iAm. We have been able to stand true to our mission since 2008 thanks to the generous supporters and volunteers that rally behind our organization.

As you’ve watched us grow, we’ve continuously stood by our word and brought results that have earned the respect of our wonderful community. We have maintained our status as 100% volunteer-based, and have helped dozens of families in our area.

Our “little” event was initially met with much resistance, but as we plan our 12th Acoustics for Autism, year we have expanded the always loyal Village Idiot stage to seven separate venues with over 60 musicians!

This yearly “free to the public” event remains an occasion that many people eagerly anticipate.

Although my role has changed slightly, we have an army of people who have risen to continue to make this project grow. Thank you for allowing us to entertain, provide, and flourish in our local community, and help children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders!

Much Respect,
Executive Director, Project iAm