The Duslak Family

Project iAm, We would like to express our gratitude and thankfulness for everything you have done for our family, for Dakota. Not only with the scholarship for swim class and the sensory items for his playroom and backyard but for welcoming us into your family and allowing us to be a part of such an [...]

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Lauren and Matt McCaffery

"Northwest Ohio has been blessed to have such a loyal and local grassroots organization here to help our kids. We feel incredibly lucky to be a part of Project iAm..."

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Greg and Susan

" they provided us allowed Joey to get extra Speech Therapy and ABA services that helped prepare him for Kindergarten..."

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"...efforts raise public awareness, especially in Toledo, of the prevalence of autism in our community. They pull together families who struggle with autism, and..."

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Dee and Danny

"ProjectiIAm is simply the best organization I have been involved with since my son was diagnosed with autism over 17 years ago. They are willing to help you with anything..."

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Mona Qaimari

"Project iAm has been more than a resource of funding - although they're awesome for that! Project iAm is a community! I've met some of my dearest friends ..."

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Marcia Kozy(Grandmother)

I am the Grandmother of Tyler who is a 6 yr old boy with autism. When TY received his diagnosis at age 2 his doctor told us if we got Ty into 20 hours of  therapy a week he would probably be able to go to attend regular kindergarten. WE worked that challenge like a [...]

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