I am the Grandmother of Tyler who is a 6 yr old boy with autism. When TY received his diagnosis at age 2 his doctor told us if we got Ty into 20 hours of  therapy a week he would probably be able to go to attend regular kindergarten. WE worked that challenge like a job. Education and therapy are expensive and with the help of Project iAm  Tyler earned some much appreciated  scholarship money and just recently qualified for a new i-pad for therapy. Those scholarships really helped Tyler and helped his Mom. Ty’s Mom is a single parent who works full time as a nurse.She often can’t volunteer for Project iAm events. Our family works as a team for Tyler. TY has benefitted so much from the help Project iAm provides, in return I volunteer at Project iAm events such as Acoustics for Autism, the Joan Jet Concert, the Skid Row concert. Other family members have donated items to the silent auctions at the events. The events are fun, exciting, easy!  Its pretty easy to “give back!”  Thanks Project iAm! -Marcia Kozy(Grandmother)

Project iAm has been more than a resource of funding – although they’re awesome for that!  Project iAm is a community!  I’ve met some of my dearest friends – other families who have children with Autism – while volunteering.  We’ve also received wonderful support from a community who otherwise might not be exposed to children like mine!  Their events appeal to a wide variety of people – all brought together to have a good time and support a wonderful organization and cause!!!  They are, in their own way, bringing awareness to this community of people, who’s numbers continue to rise – all the while offering families support and lightening some of the financial burdens! -Mona Qaimari

“ProjectiIAm is simply the best organization I have been involved with since my son was diagnosed with autism over 17 years ago. They are willing to help you with anything that would assist your child.  No judgment, no jumping through 20 hoops and then being declined. But then just when you think that is the best part of it…. Along comes volunteering for all of the fun events to benefit Project iAm. All are topnotch and I look forward to helping with all the concerts, Pride celebrations and of course the original Acoustics for Autism.  It is the perfect opportunity to serve your community and meet so many great people that all have a common devotion to the cause.” – Dee and Danny

My son was diagnosed with autism in 2013.  Project iAm became part of our lives that same year.  My son responds to Applied Behavioral Analysis (A.B.A.) therapy, in a classroom setting.  A therapy frequently not covered by insurance.  Project iAm has granted his scholarship requests, which provided A.B.A. therapy through the summer months.  This continuity in care has allowed him to continue to progress, rather than regress during the summer months.  Without the aid of Project iAm, the cost would have prohibited the continued care for him.  He has made great strides because of their generosity. However, Project iAm is so much more than a scholarship program.  Their efforts raise public awareness, especially in Toledo, of the prevalence of autism in our community.  They pull together families who struggle with autism, and provide the resources families need to continue their battle.  They provide amazing entertainment to raise money for programs that families struggling with autism desperately need.  I have volunteered at some of these events, and have been in awe of both the event itself, and of the support from the people who attend and volunteer.  It was inspiring to see the support from the community, it was time spent helping those in need like my son, and it was a good time.  Thank you Project iAm! – Kristy

Project iAm has been so supportive of us and our needs for our son, Joey.  The financial support they provided us allowed Joey to get extra Speech Therapy and ABA services that helped prepare him for Kindergarten. He is also able to take piano lessons that encourages his love of music.  Funds were also provided to buy special software suggested by his school.  They have been so easy to work with and we would recommend Project iAm to anyone looking for support for their autistic child. The fundraising events are well organized and it makes volunteering easy.  The events are fun to work and also rewarding since it goes to a great cause. – Greg and Susan

Our son, Alex, was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in 2006 and we began the lengthy and expensive journey into the world of autism spectrum disorders and early intervention. We have been honored to be the recipients of the “Michael Glabicki” scholarship through Project iAm to help pay for early intervention therapy in 2009 and to help send our son to a residential summer camp for children with special needs in 2014 and 2015. It has meant so much to us to be able to provide Alex with these opportunities and we would not have been able to do that without Project iAm. I knew that giving back would be the only way to show all of our gratitude so I began volunteering with Project iAm in 2010. Life was crazy and busy so I began by just donating water and soda for the annual Acoustics for Autism. However, as time has passed, I am proud to have been involved as a volunteer for the RibOff at the Lucas County Fair and for the annual “Plugged In” concerts. It is a great way to meet other parents struggling with the complexities of having children with autism. And guess what? It is also a ton of fun! Another really neat experience is when I was able to meet the musician, Michael Glabicki, who has supported Project iAm from the beginning and has sponsored Alex’s scholarships. What an honor to be able to say “thank you” in person. Northwest Ohio has been blessed to have such a loyal and local grassroots organization here to help our kids. We feel incredibly lucky to be a part of Project iAm and their amazing mission. -Lauren and Matt McCaffery

“I first became involved with Project iAm during Acoustics for Autism Unplugged. I quickly learned that the kids, families and volunteers become your second family. We work like a well greased machine. I look forward to the events like a kid on Christmas morning. I am so lucky to have met such a great group of people and am honored to say I’m an Acoustics for Autism volunteer.” — Katie Howard, volunteer
“Our family credits so much of Alex’s success as an individual to the opportunities he was afforded through Project iAm. Forever we will be deeply grateful for their unwavering support and friendship.” —Lauren McCafferty, Mother and Volunteer