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March 3, 2019 Acoustics for Autism

March 3, 2019 Acoustics for Autism

Cock n Bull offering shuttle service!

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The Bier Garden Stage (in the main tent) Sponsors:

The Village Idiot Stage Sponsors:

The Silent Auction Tent Stage Sponsors:

The Maumee Elks Stage Sponsors:

The Buster Browns Stage Sponsors: 

Kid’s Stage Sponsors: 

Small Box Music Sponsors: 

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Hal and Karin Simon
The Thornton Family
Ron Wingate
The Ruppel Family
The Barros / Alderfer Family
The Payn Family
Greg and Susan Silloway
Mary and Dave Brownell
Amy Kahl—Beehive Salon 
Bobbi Mourad, LMT 
Camelot Salon—Jamie and Mary
Classic Cafe
Finder’s Music 
Heather Breed 
Huggaroo—Wendy Jordanov 
Jonathan Rudey
Katie Howard—Invision Salon 
Lisa Sparks—Serenity Salon 
Lori Meehan—Beehive Salon 
Patricia Fosgate, LMT
Pinnacle Eye Group- Lambertville. 
Pop-Cycle Peddler—Stephanie Souza 
Printed on a lark 
St. James Club
The Roadhouse
Mike Rippel, Art
Mic Carlson, Art
True REST perrysburg
Alan Trammell and the Detroit tigers
Ken McKay
Amelia Airharts
Ashley Kelly
Jeff Stewart
Jake Pilewski
Tiffany Sharp— Mary Kay
The Elliot Family
Drs. layman, Hardie and O’Dwyer @ Pinnacle Eye Group-Lambertville
Tom Hofbauer
Ann Elick
Luanne Billstein
Garlic Expressions
Shelly DeMes
Jamie and Leslie Smith
Megan Seymour
Vicki Lynch
The AFA Mom Squad
Tim Oehlers
Trigger Point
Bowling Green Men’s Basketball Team
Dani Herrera (Paper DeniMart)
Theresa and Lee Wealton
Traci Hernandez
Karla Von Deylen
Angola road (band) 
Christa Black
Rob Storm
Jim Kenzie

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