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Hello to all of our supporters of Acoustics for Autism.Ā  As you know, the world of big events has changed dramatically since the pandemic in 2020.Ā  We are so fortunate to have had Acoustics for Autism 13 go off last year, pre-covid, without a hitch. The board has thought long and hard and we have spoken with the health department to come up with a plan to have an event that meets the proper guidelines. Unfortunately, it limits our ability to have everyone included.Ā  Therefore…

Project iAm presentsā€¦.
An Acoustics for Autism Appreciation Party!
Sunday, March 7 noon – 10pm
The Village Idiot, Buster Browns, and The Maumee Elks

How does it work?

Tickets have been offered to a select group of people (our iAm families, volunteers, musicians, sponsors, etc). These tickets are for a specific time slot, in a specific venue (think, restaurant reservation).Ā  Please keep an eye out on our site and Facebook for details as tickets become available.

What if I donā€™t want my tickets or like my spot?

If you have no desire to attend the event (we wonā€™t judge!), that is fineā€¦.just simply refuse the tickets and we will give them to someone else.Ā  You can also acceptĀ your tickets and then give them away.Ā  We only ask that you actually give them away to people who will come!Ā  We donā€™t want empty tables when so many people will not be able to attend this year.Ā  And if you are in a spot you donā€™t like, you can certainly try to find someone to swap.Ā  It makes no difference to us.Ā Ā 

Why not just move AFA to the summer?

A million reasons, but here are the two most important!:

1) Itā€™s not AFA unless thereā€™s a possibility of a blizzard, tornado, or any other natural disaster.

2) We were very fortunate to have our event last year.Ā  A lot of charities did not get the opportunity.Ā  So we are not going to fight over summer dates when we got lucky.Ā  Trust usā€¦.We pick the firstĀ SundayĀ in March for a reason!

Why not get a big tent so more people can come?

As much as our friends at Meredith Party Rentals and Great Lakes Sound always go ABOVE and beyond to help with our costsā€¦.itā€™s a LOT of moneyĀ and time.Ā  If we canā€™t crowd thousands of people into a tent and sell all that beerā€¦.we just donā€™t recoup our costs. Ā 

AreĀ you stillĀ having a Silent Auction/Raffles/etc?

YES!Ā  Please click on the auction tab above to start bidding online now for our Silent Auction.Ā  It will end on March 7, 2021 at 4pm.Ā  You can also buy a ticket for our “mini vault” raffle through March 6, 2021 at 12pm.

Do I have to wear a mask?

In order to attend the event, you MUST adhere to the current guidelines.Ā  Again, think of this as walking into a bar or restaurant.Ā  You must wear a mask if you are not seated.Ā  All tables will have serversā€”no walk-up bar service. We have purchased an Infrared digital temperature camera and will have sanitizing stations around the venues. If you have a fever per CDC guidelines, you will be asked to leave.Ā  The Village Idiot will have Pizza, The Elkā€™s will have a limited menu, and we are working on arrangements with Buster Browns. Each ticket will have disclaimers listed on the back.Ā  Be sure to read them very carefully because you could be removed from the event if there is no adherence to the guidelines.

Thatā€™s the gist of everything folks.Ā  Weā€™ve thought longĀ and hard about all of this and we feel itā€™s important to keep this event going in the community.Ā  We MUST and WILL adhere to theĀ guidelines as approved by the Health Department.Ā  And most importantly, there is still a need there for our ASD families. With everything that was shut down during the pandemic, imagine the ASDĀ families losing all of that support from their Providers?Ā  We haveĀ consistently continued to help our familiesĀ through this all, and needĀ yourĀ help to keep doing so.

WE thank you so much for your support.Ā  We wish we could get everyone involved as always in PERSON, but we can wait until our 15 year anniversary next year.Ā  In the meantime, there are still many ways to support this event you all love so much!Ā For those offered tickets, we hope to see you onĀ March 7thĀ and of course, itā€™s cool if we donā€™t.Ā  Please beĀ considerate of our rules and requests so we can appreciate all youā€™ve done for us!

Text GIVEAFA to 44321 to donateĀ today!

Yours in Rock,

Project iAm

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