We are the “Smith Family” and we are from Petersburg, MI. Our team name is “Jackson’s Five” as we are five family members doing our best to help Jackson Dettinger as well as others by raising money for Autism! We are participating in a fundraiser (Imazing Race for Autism) to earn money for those unfortunate individuals stricken with this terrible illness! If you’ve read this far you’ve guessed it, we are in need of your financial support for our team in this event, no matter how big or small! Our Nephew/Cousin only wants to be able to speak and enjoy the little things in life, like a normal child, so please consider this when you make your decision. Yes this is a tug at the heartstrings comment! We hope you will graciously sponsor our team!

Racing on behalf of Jackson’s Five:

Band Name: Jackson’s Five
Lead Singer: Brad
Lead guitar: Krista
Rythym guitar: Samantha
Bass: Taylor
Drummer: Alexus
Back up singer: Krista

Total raised so far:  $190