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In 2010, after utilizing our volunteers so much in the prior years, Project iAm became more selective in events to which we lent our name and help. Our third annual Acoustics for Autism expanded to the vacant funiture store next to The Village Idiot for our Silent Auction and new second music venue. This primarily became our “kid area” and showcased various teenage acts in addition to our other loyal musicians. Having the extra space that this event so dearly needed, we were able to have our biggest numbers in attendance to date!

Acoustics for Autism 2010 Gallery

Michael Glabicki again phoned Project iAm and we had another successful event at The Village Idiot in October, this time bringing his drummer, Preach Freedom, and guitar player/percussionist Colter Harper with him.

Michael Glabicki 2010 Gallery

Trey McLaughlin sitting in with Arctic Clam for his Skid Row debut!

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